Saturday, April 4, 2009

The G20 Summit and Global Unity

There are two kinds of unity - strategic unity based on the practical needs of a situation, and intuitive unity based on what the heart feels to be true.

Strategic unity, while sometimes creating a bridge toward greater friendship of the heart, is often a temporary expedient that may cover a situation filled with conflict and mistrust. Here, each participant remains committed to their own point of view while being willing to cooperate with others to a certain degree to achieve mutual aims. Strategic unity, built primarily on collective need rather than brotherly love, can easily dissolve when conflicts arise over agreements made, for the underlying mutual trust does not find a secure foundation in the heart.

Inuitive unity, by contrast, involves a shift in the perception of who the 'other' is. From this perspective, the 'other' is seen to be more like the self than different, more desirous of the same goals than not, more cooperative than isolating or indifferent. Intuitive unity, at its root, is a spiritual perception based on love, which seeks the oneness of all and the exclusion of none. Its motive is not solely to resolve practical and urgent issues, but also to uphold a standard which presumes that the welfare of all is the concern of each.

Which kind of unity the G20 nations will be able to find within themselves remains to be seen. Clearly, the requirements of a global economic crisis have drawn together heads-of-state in the hope of resolving serious global issues. Indeed, many already feel that only this kind of joining has any hope of creating a solution for the current global crisis. It is hard to say, however, whether this kind of working relationship can be established along other lines now as well, initiating a new way of dealing with issues of concern to the entire planet. Though this is clearly a hope for the future, there are still many steps to be taken in the present.

And so the question remains, what kind of unity will the G20 summit lead to?

As we watch these developments from our own individual lives and worlds, rather than feeling separate from such movements, we need to support their growth through the prayers of our hearts, for we are each involved with the welfare of mankind and our inner awareness has an important role to play in whatever outcome we hope for.

May the blessings of light be with all heads of government so that now, at this pivotal point in our planet's history, we may find a way of joining together in our shared life and our shared essence as a human family.

Spiritual supports to further the advancement of light and unity on the planet:

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