Sunday, April 12, 2009

Light and Darkness

Within the cosmic and human stream of life there are different layers of energy and of energetic expression that affect human consciousness. When we speak of ‘light’ and ‘darkness’ it is often appropriate to include all those layers together, but sometimes it is important to distinguish between them. This is especially true when dealing with negative energies where it is useful, at times, to discern what is being activated from within the self and what is influencing mind and emotions from outside the self.

One layer of energetic expression has to do with human emotion, motivation, and feeling. Here, we can speak of emotional states as being permeated by darkness or darker energies. Emotions such as rage, despair, anxiety, and fear or dread fall into this category. On the mental level, such emotions have corresponding mental equivalents such as thoughts of giving up or thoughts of wanting to hurt others. On this layer of energetic expression, negative energies need to be countered by positive energies that alter motivation such as love, trust, hope, innocence, generosity, and compassion. When we engage in a process of trying to alter negative mental and emotional states through the introduction of positive states, we are fundamentally engaged in an alchemical process. We are changing the way we think and feel through the introduction of spiritual light which fosters these positive emotional states. This is the virtue of spiritual anchoring on a regular basis. It maintains an equilibrium of light-force within the self.

On another level of energetic expression, negative states are promoted by external energies that influence what is internal, but that have their primary location on higher dimensional levels. Such energies may be said to be ‘atmospheric’ or ‘ambient’. They exist in the spiritual atmosphere of the Earth and are promoted from higher levels of spiritual expression by forces that seek to limit and prevent the expansion of light on Earth. These forces exist in powerful combinations of intentionality, and especially where there are vulnerable places within the physical dimension, they activate all the negative emotional states that human beings are vulnerable to. Such forces are also part of Creation, for nothing exists outside of God. Yet they exist in opposition to the purposes of wholeness and of spiritual growth.

At this time of personal and planetary purification, human consciousness as a whole as well as each individual’s awareness are being affected by an intense acceleration of light’s potency upon the Earth. Today, the higher dimensions of light are capable of more fully entering Earth’s spiritual atmosphere and of transforming consciousness by merging with human bodies, minds, and hearts so that the positive emotional states of love, the desire for unity, and awareness of Divine reality are accessible to all. This process is still in its early stages, but already it is affecting the lives of many.

As the process of energetic expansion takes place to a greater degree, the darker energies are necessarily rooted out from where they have been concealed or suppressed, to make way for the transition into light for an entire planet. Such is the picture that we have of the Earth at this time – one in which all is in motion, even while much may seem to be quiet or intractable.

The importance of spiritual anchoring during this time of transformation is multi-level: it allows the process of change to flow more smoothly, advancing the goal of personal and planetary healing; it creates an invulnerability to the turbulence produced by the intrusion of unwanted negative energies; it transmits energies of light to others and to the physical Earth to assist with the process of planetary change; it upholds and joins with God’s plan for the Earth for this momentous time of transition.

May all beings be blessed with the awareness of the new possibilities of love, hope, joy, and union with the Divine that are now becoming available on the Earth. May peace and light prevail. Amen.

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