Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Man Who Could Not Find His Heart

I know a man named Eduardo who has great difficulty expressing what is in his heart. He has a beautiful heart, yet it is unknown to him. When he came to the Earth in the beginning, he left behind the sense of the sacred. Instead, he wrapped himself in the cloak of human pleasure, experiencing the joys of the world without limitation. These joys took him in the direction of excess. He found himself wanting more of everything - more wealth, more life, more youth, more power, more young women to adorn himself with. He grew so used to satisfying his wants that eventually his heart became lost to him. It became so well hidden that he did not know how to find it again.

When I met Eduardo, he was looking once again for his heart. He was beginning a spiritual search for love. No longer was he caught up in all the things that he once wanted, but instead, he was immune to wanting anything at all. Indeed, he could barely tell, from day to day, what he really wanted. His wanting had turned to numbness.

This is the way that it happens, sometimes, with the healing of a soul. What was once excess in one direction becomes lack in the opposite direction. The soul, in its wisdom, knows what kind of healing is needed and proceeds at its own pace to institute it.

Nevertheless, this beautiful soul could not easily find his heart though he looked for it. Mostly, he felt nothing. The path of return emerged out of this nothingness. It was the path of longing to be alive once more. The path of longing for love. As he experienced the pain of being closed down, the desire grew in him to open up.

This was the beginning of his true story - the story of the path of return.

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