Wednesday, April 15, 2009


We hold onto the past not because we must, but because our identity is tied up with memories, concepts, images, and beliefs that have traveled with us through time. We hold onto these concepts and beliefs, often at our own expense, because the fear of letting them go is stronger than the wish to let them go.

In any moment, a new awakening is possible to a new foundation for identity, built on the understanding that the past is not who we are but who we think we are. In any moment we may choose to let go of this clinging and allow the Unknown to lift us into freedom.

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  1. It has become apparent that once we choose to Trust to Divine Creator, and let go of the rigid shackles our mind and body have been caged in, great awakening and purification begins to flow gently through our consciousness. I am noticing that no things are coincidental, and how the darkness has served it purpose during my time of purification, for it has propelled me to go even deeper within myself, it has motivated me to be even more stiller.
    The great light that is coming through me has helped me to purify so greatly, and I know, that more healing is to take place at a very deep level. But I rejoice for the beauty my heart has sung, for the destruction that has helped to lift this veil from my eyes, and align me to my souls true purpose.
    This awakening is truly beautiful, and we are all so lucky to be on Earth right now, as we are assisting humanity to evolve into a new consciousness.
    Much strength is needed. Blessings and Light.


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