Friday, April 3, 2009

E pluribus Unum

Identity manifested or embodied - the last part of the sentence "I am a....."
Identity pre-manifestation - the same sentence without qualification - "I am."

This is the story of individuation and Being, the personal and the universal.

Personal: "I am a singular being and ray of light, defined by holy purpose and love for God."
Universal: "I am part of the "I AM" and therefore am not one but All."

Both 'personal' and 'universal' are part of the One.

In a parallel vein - the origin of time and space.

E unum pluribus - "out of One, many" - the story of Creation giving birth to life throughout the Universe.

E pluribus unum - "out of many, One" - the path of Return, the rediscovery of unity through diversity.

May all beings be blessed with the truth of their oneness. Amen

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