Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Anchoring in the Heart

Anchoring in the heart is an energetic phenomenon, part of the process of purification which includes the understanding that the mind is not the sole place of identity, and that there is another source of truth and reality available when difficult thoughts or patterns of thinking arise.

In such moments, we have a choice as to whether to give energy and attention to the content of our minds, or to redirect energy and attention to the heart where a deeper level of truth can be found. In the ordinary course of a day, depending on the content of our thoughts, the choice is often made to be with what is, without interference or censorship. However, when energies of negativity and darkness are pronounced, creating confusion, doubt, chaos, or despair, it is more constructive to breathe into the heart and to let go of mental content altogether.

This activity of shifting energy and focus is called 'repolarization' or 'repolarization to the heart.' What is involved here is not fighting with one's thoughts in order to gain control over them, but rather creating a space between awareness and thought so that the latter can be observed more from a distance and a new pathway can be created to a deeper truth. We turn to the heart, seat of the soul, as the contiainer for this truth - the place where love and light can be found even when the mind has completely forgotten these. Such love and light can still exist even in the presence of negative mental activity and even when they are not felt as specific emotions.

'Anchoring in the heart' is a spiritual practice, able to be engaged in at different levels of depth. Breathe into the heart center in the center of the chest, place your hand over that center, create a wish and intention to empower the heart's deeper knowing rather than the thoughts of the mind. Each of these elements helps to shift energy to the heart, and where energy flows, there content will flow as well.

Intrinsic to this process is the understanding that we are not our minds. We are not our thoughts. A deeper layer of being can be found and turned to at times of difficulty. Holding to this allows the tide of negative activity to pass more quickly.

Here are some forms of mental activity that often reflect darkness in the mind:

self-accusations and judgments
thoughts of failure
fear or dread
chaotic or fragmented thinking
anger or rage
accusations toward others
contempt or ridicule
depressive thoughts
disbelief in what one has held to be most true

When darkness in the mind is met with 'anchoring in the heart', this movement can help to stabilize the self, creating a current of peace and hope even in the midst of depression, anxiety or turbulence.


  1. How does being overwhelmed with external information or circumstances relate to this? Is it part of the darkness in the mind? I can see how anchoring in the heart might help at such moments. Usually I just tell myself that all is in God's hands and everything will work out fine.

  2. Dear CKH,
    Being 'overwhelmed' by anything is a way of saying that one feels completely immersed in a situation, feeling, or energy that taxes all one's resources and consumes a great deal of inner space.

    The point of 'anchoring in the heart' is to deal with exactly this - to create a space between you and your emotional and mental self so that a different perception can emerge, a deeper truth that lives within. Believing that there is another way of experiencing life other than being overwhelmed is important. It allows you to seek the inner path that leads to peace, even in the presence of difficulty.



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