Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dynamics of Rejection

It sometimes happens that the reaction of energies of darkness that are unconsciously active within people cause that person to see light as darkness and darkness as light. This can cause one person to reject another, questioning the purity of their motives or their intentions when, in fact, the motives in question partake of a high degree of purity, at least at a moment in time.

It is important to understand the dynamic between darkness and light in energetic terms since the tendency is often to take things personally and to feel rejected by someone's rejecting response. This can happen easily when it is not known that one is involved in a cosmic process that is much larger than the self.

The only way to know that this dynamic is happening, however, is if one has a relatively high degree of clarity and purity of heart in a particular situation. Such clarity need not be perfect, but predominant at a given point in time. Then, it may be seen that the distortions or projections of others are energetically based. Without clear intentions it is impossible to know or perceive the energetic picture correctly, since the negative energies of others can simultaneously be activating one's own negative energies, creating a response circuit that is less than pure that can be perceived by another.

For many people, the tendency to overly-personalize rejecting responses, even when this particular dynamic is not involved, is a longstanding habit and one that is extremely painful to the self. It is far better to cultivate a habit of self-examination so that one's own motives are known, and therefore the projections of others can be allowed to slide off and be let go of.

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  1. Dearest Julie,

    Thank you for this post. It resonates very deeply for me right now, and I am grateful to gain more understanding. Lately, many friends and family have been "rejecting" me for the changes they see in me, the truth I am speaking for the Lord, and the pure love in my eyes.

    But truly, I feel as if they are rejecting themselves, by rejecting the love and light of God. They proclaim they are disappointed because I am not chasing down the american dream of riches and fame, a big house and a big car, and so on and so forth. But somewhere deep inside I feel that the darkness they are afraid of is the light.

    Many blessings to you. Thank you.


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