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As the body changes as a result of the infusion of increased light, it sometimes happens that others begin to treat one differently. One aspect of that difference can have to do with invisibility. Though a body that is more light-filled is not 'literally' invisible, the vibrational shift in the cellular structure can make it seem to passersby that there is 'no one there'. This is not a visual experience but an energetic one. And it is not total but partial. It is a result of the body's frequency of vibration going out of the normal human range, and so those whom one has contact with may feel a sense of both unfamiliarity and distance in relation to the new energetic picture. Where there was resonance before, there may now be awkwardness, strangeness, or strained-ness.

If this has happened to you or to someone you know and you would find it helpful to ask specific questions about this, write to me at Messages by Request. Blessings.


  1. Dearest Julie, is this the same as contraction? In my practical work in the world, as well as practical tasks day to day I am constantly experiencing that people do not return my calls or e-mails. This happens in all situations, even when I am hiring them for something. I speak and people do not hear me, I share something on a discussion forum and people do not respond. Thank you for this article.

  2. Dear One,
    The feature of 'invisibility' described above is primarily related to light and the effect of a different vibration on others. There is also an 'invisibility' that could come from the phenomenon of contraction which is based on the energy of darkness creating an adverse or oppositional reaction in people, often unconsciously, so that they do not respond well or at all to gestures of approach. The phenomenon of contraction is produced by the intentionality of negative energies to prevent light from expanding. It may be that you have had to deal with both which can be so very painful, with the emphasis being on the response to transparency, that is, to the changed state of your body based on light. Blessings - JR

  3. Julie,
    How interesting. I speak of this. I write about it, and I would have to say there is some intentionality of my being able to walk invisibly wherever I go. I thought of it as being able to focus inwardly in a way that I send out no signals or intention to make a connection, and I am then able to "walk invisibly when I need to be out in public."
    It feels like "protection" to me. I never really appreciated it when others would react to my outward appearance, even in a positive way of expressing interest in me. I have said to a few people I am close with at times, that I am able to be pretty invisible to others.
    It gives me the privacy I enjoy. If I summon the intention, I focus the energy to make contact, even like checking out in a store, and then I go back into an interior mode.
    I never thought about it being related to light. It does feel like energy. I don't feel a negative energy at all....just being able to disappear.....sometimes, I have called it being in the cloud of unknowing, in the sense of being a mystic. I think of it as a blessing.
    Fascinating to think of it as changing the frequency of light. Perhaps it is the same thing. I have written about experiencing a conscious dying to the world physically. The telephone works well, because I don't have to materialize in a physical way. Does that make sense?
    A light body? What a good way to think of it. It is mostly a semantic difference, I guess, but until I read your entry, I didn't associate it with light changes. I do think of it as being in a spiritual state that allows me to manifest when I need to. It is not a language most are comfortable with and certainly not ordinary conversation.
    I do tend to find distance dissolving, time being immaterial, and if I focus my intention, I can feel like my energy goes in the direction of my spiritual intention....almost as if I can be present to someone's heart presence. It is always in the energy of love, never in any kind of negative intention.
    It has to do with alignment, but I tend to think of it as being aligned with love rather than associating it with light. Is light an effect of the love energy, or is light a separate energy? It is a thinning of the emanating light that gives the illusion of form.
    I feel present to the world as one dimension, but the energy of love seems to give me a spiritual veil of some kind to exist in a different energy. I have come to welcome it.

    Life is amazingly and profoundly beautiful, isn't it. How lovely to even be able to communicate such thoughts! Thank you.

    Love, Naomi

  4. It is touching to hear from you in this way, Naomi.

    In response to your comment, the phenomenon of 'Invisibility' can occur due to a variety of causes. I mentioned two having to do with the contraction produced by negative energies surrounding the self, as well as the transformation of the body into light.

    In relation to the second, people respond to the lack of density or opacity on a physical/energetic level in a variety of ways. The presence of body radar or body sonar allows some to become aware of the greater transparency of another's body on a cellular and energetic level, and this in turn has an effect on consciousness.

    With you the phenomenon may be the same but the cause is different. Your 'invisibility' is based primarily on your consciousness and your intention. Though body changes can play a part, your desire to remain 'at home' with and within the Heart of God is the primary cause - leading you to withdraw your energy from the world, except when it needs to be there. This comfort within the Heart of Love and within the Infinite in general is not yet available to most people at this time. For many, the changes they experience physically are 'just happening', without the underlying consciousness shift having occurred in full measure yet. Having said this, it is true that all are on their way to becoming everyday 'mystics'.

    Blessings to you, beloved. Julie

  5. Julie,
    What you describe feels very right to my heart.
    I so appreciate your articulation of the deeper states. So few can speak to them.

    Blessings and Love,


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