Thursday, September 17, 2009

America in Balance

Within the spiritual foundation of this country are several strands of spiritual energy that form aspects of governance and the basis for law.

Among these strands are forces at work that create a strong motivation toward individual freedom and self-determination, and an equally strong current in the direction of unity and love.

These two currents are spiritual forces at work within the collective consciousness of a nation. They represent two sides on a scale of wholeness whose middle-point is a fulcrum that keeps both currents in balance. When harmony with truth and the spiritual core principles which America rests on prevail, then freedom and unity remain effectively in balance, each complementing the other, each supporting the other. When darkness and fear prevail, then it looks like the expression of one direction is threatening to the expression of the other.

Such is the case in America today. Though the controversy is taking place around the joined issues of Health Care and Illegal Immigration, the principle of fear is running through many interchanges about what caring for 'all' will do to one's own personal wellbeing. Within these dialogues, the energy of polarization (of 'me' and 'them' is strong, leading to tension, discord, and a sense of incompatability. Those who fear the overturning of law and the destruction of individual liberty based on the promotion of universal health care are bringing an element to the discussion which is not based on reason but on emotion - the emotion of fear and the need to defend against perceived threat. These are emotions fueled by energies of darkness.

The balance of freedom and unity need not require opposition. It is possible for a dialogue to take place based more in trust and in the desire to serve the needs of all. However it is this very principle concerning 'serving the needs of all' that is being undermined by forces that are establishing a hold on the consciousness of many, as if serving the needs of all would prevent their own needs from being met.

We must, if we are to understand the sweeping forces at work in this country and in the world at this time, recognize that the shape of a dialogue which influences its outcome is not just a matter of chance. Nor is it just a matter of political persuasion. There are large forces at work, both nationally and globally, that want to prevent unity from gaining a further foothold in human consciousness. They want to prevent love from becoming stronger as a motivating factor in the governance of people. The debate about health care has been fueled by these forces on the one side, and they threaten to disempower the forward motion of the new administration's efforts to bring a new vision into the American political scene.

As souls participating in the expansion of light upon the Earth, we hold a solemn responsibility, whatever our point of view, to hold our alignment with light and our trust in the future and not to engage with fear. Our alignment allows us to know that harmony of interests is, indeed, possible, and that while fear dismantles harmony, love and trust enhance it.

May all come to see through the strategems created by fear, and hold to love in the midst of these. Amen.

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  1. Thank you Julie, for this powerful explanation of what is occurring. I am grateful for such a clear way to hold to the truth of what is unfolding and to remember that Light is stronger than darkness no matter how frightening the emotion may seem.


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