Wednesday, September 23, 2009


A time of contraction has been with us for a long time now, creating hardship for many, both individually and on a planetary level. Often, one thinks ones own burdens are personal - intrinsic and limited to the self, when in fact they are vastly influenced by the power of contraction. This energy is capable on a global level as well as individually of causing greater hopelessness, despair, and fear, all of which result from the covering that is placed over the light within.

When this covering is effective, one can feel bereft, without guidance, without hope, without comfort, without direction. One can feel that God is absent or not listening or that one has taken the wrong path and therefore been abandoned. The force of darkness cannot extinguish the light, for light is intrinsically stronger than darkness, but it can create a blanket over it so that it cannot be seen or felt, and often for long periods of time.

During a time of contraction, it is important to find the means of anchoring oneself in spiritual reality, however that becomes possible. One may not feel light, but one can know it is there. One may not feel God, but one can know God is there. Whatever means of spiritual anchoring resonates with the inner being is what should be pursued. Especially through being with others who can convey hope and trust during a time of darkness.

Knowing that 'contraction' is an energy force that affects many can help in another way. It can reduce self-blame for not being able to fix the situation or change one's feelings more quickly. It can also help to not take things so personally.

As light remains the strongest force within all universes, it will eventually restore its prominence and potency and the tide of contraction will turn. In the meantime, steadfastness is needed, and the kind of gentle love that will allow kindness toward the self to remain.

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