Sunday, August 9, 2009

Relationships and Learning

Relationships often become bogged down in repetitive patterns fueled by tendencies of the past, both from the present lifetime and from past lifetimes. These relationships, however difficult they may seem, are always trying to create new learning and new healing for each individual soul. What one is meant to learn cannot be discerned from the outer form of the situation or difficulty, but only from the inner promptings of truth that dwell within each heart. While one person may need to learn to wait and to remain patient and trusting, another may need to learn to create boundaries and a new standard of respect. Each soul must go into the silence within and ask the question: What is God asking me to learn here? Sometimes the truth is apparent. Sometimes it must be pursued again and again.

Relationships are the medium through which much healing, much difficulty, and much beauty and love can take place. When they are held in God, they become like flowers opening to the sun, perpetually nourished by warmth and by food for the soul.

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