Monday, August 17, 2009

Standing at the Threshold


There are times and moments when a door opens in one's consciousness to make something much clearer than it has been before. It may appear that this door opening has to do with an external event, and, indeed, life circumstances can catalyze shifts in awareness. However, more often than not, there is an energy shift taking place internally, allowing awareness to change its perspective to a new place, sometimes for just a moment, sometimes forever.

These shifts in perspective can be short-lived, or they can be life-changing. It depends, in part, on what one does at the threshold, and in part on the energy itself which supports the emerging state of awareness. The energy basis for holding a new perspective is generally not within one's control, but the desire to walk across the threshold often is.

What does walking across the threshold mean?

In part, it means not giving weight to fear as a reason to continue in an attitude, behavior, or perspective that has outlived its usefulness. It may mean risking something new that seemed too difficult or impossible before. It may mean taking a deep breath and saying to whatever part of the self wants to hold onto the past - "I don't need to do that any more." It may mean allowing God's help to be invited into one's consciousness with greater trust.

Standing at a threshold involves an encounter with the Unknown. It involves trust in the possibility that in stepping across the threshold, new possibilities will occur. It also involves the motivation to discontinue old patterns that repeat themselves endlessly, and the permission to let something new take their place.

Standing at a threshold is a blessed place to be and if one is truly aware of the moment, gratitude is a natural response. The presence of a 'threshold' means that God's light as it moves through consciousness has opened up a new world of possibilities. When one embraces this opening, when one can be grateful for its presence instead of frightened, the passage into a new stage, a new chapter, or a new relationship with the Divine can begin.

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