Thursday, August 20, 2009

More About 'Thresholds'

Standing at a threshold where a consciousness shift wants to happen and feels like it 'might' happen often involves a sense of risk. There is sometimes a fear of moving backwards into a previously difficult or entrenched situation. But there is even more of a fear of moving forward into the Unknown.

Movement forward at a 'threshold' is often perceived as a 'leap of faith' since one generally does not know what is on the other side. Such a 'leap of faith' is sometimes made due to a sense of inner necessity, namely, that anything would be better than what has been. But it is also and more commonly based on the willingness to trust the Divine goodness of life which is God to uphold one in an unknown space. Without trust, the passage through the doorway can seem terrifying if not impossible.

There are threshold behaviors that can help in some situations: imagining in a positive way what one hopes to encounter and letting that assume the quality of a 'hypothetical reality' - not quite real, but not quite false either. Considering the people who have walked through the doorway before oneself. Asking for the courage to surrender more deeply to Divine Will. All of these can be helpful but are not always useful when fear runs high.

When a 'threshold' appears in life and can be accepted as a passage, transformation is speeded up and a letting go of past difficulties is often the result. When the threshold is rejected or turned away from, the loss is only of time. For more time will go by and in God's loving manifestation, another 'threshold' will appear at some point in the future.

See Standing at the Threshold


  1. It's a good thing that God is eternally patient with us. Sometimes the threshold is there and we don't see it or see the potential.

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