Sunday, August 23, 2009

Emerging Realities

The presence of greater spiritual light on the Earth is increasing the speed at which the emergence of things in need of healing are coming to the suface. This includes the awareness of the need for healing of formerly concealed issues, or the translation of things that were called by other names into a truer perspective.

Even while things that lay dormant are coming into focus, producing emotional intensity and often relationship crises, at the same time, a greater capacity to hold truth and to perceive what needs to be done is also emerging. Light both reveals, and also supports the innate movement of the heart toward 'setting things right'. This movement becomes stronger in the presence of greater light which connects the embodied self with the soul or higher aspects of one's being.

Greater clarity and greater honesty within oneself and with others is opening new possibilities for life on Earth. While in any moment this may feel distressing to the ego and its defenses, it is, at the same time, joy to the soul that is now becoming able to join with physical life on the planet, finding doors that are open that were closed to it before.

May all beings be blessed with an awareness of the love that creates a new Earth.


  1. Hi Julie,

    I can resonate with this as I have been guided to review previous development work again. Looking at negative thoughts and beliefs. I feel a sense of detachment although I know I am truely connected to source it as if I am being called to finally let go of negatvie beliefs from this and all life times. Although in the material world things are in chaos I have a knowing deep within that all is well and more people are awakening and in need of the work that I have been guided to develop.

  2. Words well said. For me it has been a case of doors once opened being closed, and something of a waiting period to see the new ones opening. Blessings.


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